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Corsica 2011

2011 trip to Corsica

Our big trip in the Spring of 2011 was spending two weeks on the amazing and beautiful island of Corsica, where most of the cheese is made from sheep milk, along with some goat too (no cows there). We were just blown away by the dedication to local products in every shop and store we visited, even supermarkets, which all had completely dedicated sections for Corsican cheeses.


Sheep Milk
Raw Milk • Natural Rind • Aged 2-3 months
Shepherdista sheep milk cheese from Bleating Heart
***SOLD OUT*** (returns in June)

Created in 2011, this cheese is called "Shepherdista" which is a play on the words 'shepherd' and 'fashionista' as inspired by cheesemaker Seana's commitment to infuse my some style and flair into her new-found agricultural pursuits....silver farm boots? Damn right. A pink cheese room apron? Naturally.

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