The Stories

Marshall Home Ranch Dairy

Marshall Home Ranch & Dairy supplies us with 100% of our jersey cow milk, and around 40% of our sheep milk. Bleating Heart's creamery is also located in the same building as the dairy, so the milk only travels about 20 feet before reaching our cheese vat. Read on to learn more.....

Black Oaks Sheep Dairy

Black Oaks Sheep Dairy is run by the Williams Family

From 2010 to 2013, Black Oaks Sheep Dairy supplied 100% of our sheep milk and we would not have been able to make any sheep cheese without them! They remain a key partner, supplying us with around 60% of our sheep milk. Read on to learn more....

Corsica 2011

2011 trip to Corsica

Our big trip in the Spring of 2011 was spending two weeks on the amazing and beautiful island of Corsica, where most of the cheese is made from sheep milk, along with some goat too (no cows there). We were just blown away by the dedication to local products in every shop and store we visited, even supermarkets, which all had completely dedicated sections for Corsican cheeses.

The Starter Flock

Whoopi ('07) - R.I.P. dear Whoopi

In December 2009 Seana took a big and risky leap of faith and purchased a starter flock without really knowing where or how she'd get a licensed dairy going. The ewes came from Swedish Mission Farm, a sheep dairy in Wisconsin and member farm of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative.

The Story of the Name & Logo

Bleating Heart® logo

Folks often ask: how did you come up with the name Bleating Heart®? Well....cows moo, goats and sheep bleat. From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Operation Sheep-O-Rama 2009

Map of Operation Sheep-O-Rama - Sebastopol, CA to River Falls, WI

Here is the story of my journey from the Bay Area of California all the way to River Falls, WI to pick up my sheep. Along for the ride was my sister Jennifer, who was equally lacking in experience with driving a big ass 4x4 truck or driving in snowy/icy road conditions, let alone with livestock on board. So here's the lowdown on the 1 truck, 2 girls, 5 days, 10 sheep, and 4,200 miles that were......Operation Sheep-O-Rama.     

Roquefort, France 2009

Seana with Roquefort street sign

Trip to the town of Roquefort in France, where they make the legendary and super delicious Roquefort blue cheese. The limestone caves were so awesome, and look at those gnarly aging shelves!

At the Spanish border, near El Formigal, Spain in the Basque Country 2009

Seana and Minan at the Spanish border

My longtime BFF Minan was always in tow on my hot pursuit of cheese, and this day trip to the Spanish border high up in the Pyrenees mountains was no exception. Bienvenidos a Espana!