Fat Bottom Girl

Sheep Milk
Raw Milk • Lightly Washed Rind • Aged 3-4 months
Fat Bottom Girl handcrafted American Original Cheese by Bleating Heart

We like a cheese with curves. Created in 2009 with absolutely no test batches, this is our flagship cheese, whose name was inspired by a Queen song and the cheese's accidental rotund shape. Each wheel of "Fat Bottom Girl" cheese is totally hand crafted with the raw milk from dairy sheep who live and graze freely on open pastures. Fat Bottom Girl is approachable and appealing to both cheese geeks & novices alike.

The History of Bleating Heart Cheese

First day at home with my first 10 girls, after a loooooong and treacherous driv

Founded in June 2009 by Seana Doughty, Bleating Heart Cheese began with a mission to produce unique, handcrafted, premium quality “American Original” sheep milk cheese. The inspiration came shortly after Seana quit her boring desk job to work at a neighborhood cheese shop, Venissimo, in Del Mar, CA.

Marshall Home Ranch Dairy

Marshall Home Ranch & Dairy supplies us with 100% of our jersey cow milk, and around 40% of our sheep milk. Bleating Heart's creamery is also located in the same building as the dairy, so the milk only travels about 20 feet before reaching our cheese vat. Read on to learn more.....

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