The Story of the Logo

Bleating Heart® logo

In keeping with the hand crafted and whimsical nature of Bleating Heart cheese, we opted for a font that looks handwritten. We wanted to get as far away from elegant and fancy (aka: pretentious) as possible! The heart is obvious - the name is Bleating Heart®. Our tagline of handcrafted with whimsy™ conveys the fun and whimsical spirit driving everything we do. Now as for the sheep that is in the logo, Seana met her in France in 2009.

Operation Sheep-O-Rama 2009

Map of Operation Sheep-O-Rama - Sebastopol, CA to River Falls, WI

Here is the story of my journey from the Bay Area of California all the way to River Falls, WI to pick up my sheep. Along for the ride was my sister Jennifer, who was equally lacking in experience with driving a big ass 4x4 truck or driving in snowy/icy road conditions, let alone with livestock on board. So here's the lowdown on the 1 truck, 2 girls, 5 days, 10 sheep, and 4,200 miles that were......Operation Sheep-O-Rama.     

At the Spanish border, near El Formigal, Spain in the Basque Country 2009

Seana and Minan at the Spanish border

My longtime BFF Minan was always in tow on my hot pursuit of cheese, and this day trip to the Spanish border high up in the Pyrenees mountains was no exception. Bienvenidos a Espana!

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