Sheep Milk
Raw Milk • Natural Rind • Aged 2-3 months
Shepherdista sheep milk cheese from Bleating Heart
Very limited, we have a couple hundred wheels still aging

Created in 2011, this cheese is called "Shepherdista" which is a play on the words 'shepherd' and 'fashionista' as inspired by cheesemaker Seana's commitment to infuse some style and flair into her new-found agricultural pursuits....silver farm boots? Damn right. A pink cheese room apron? Naturally.

The Starter Flock

Whoopi ('07) - R.I.P. dear Whoopi

In December 2009 Seana took a big and risky leap of faith and purchased a starter flock without really knowing where or how she'd get a licensed dairy going. The ewes came from Swedish Mission Farm, a sheep dairy in Wisconsin and member farm of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative.

The Story of the Logo

Bleating Heart® logo

In keeping with the hand crafted and whimsical nature of Bleating Heart cheese, we opted for a font that looks handwritten. We wanted to get as far away from elegant and fancy (aka: pretentious) as possible! The heart is obvious - the name is Bleating Heart®. Our tagline of handcrafted with whimsy™ conveys the fun and whimsical spirit driving everything we do. Now as for the sheep that is in the logo, Seana met her in France in 2009.

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